South Korean University Announces New Blockchain Campus for sell bitcoin to paypal eur

A Daegu-based university has made a deal with the Korea Artificial Intelligence Association to build a blockchain campus.

South Korea’s Suseong University reached a deal on May 22 with the Korea Artificial Intelligence Association, or KORAIA, to create a blockchain and AI campus in Daegu.

According to the announcement published by local media outlet Money Today, the Daegu-based university plans to teach about AI, big data, and cloud-based technology in the brand-new department. They intend to begin accepting students by 2021.

Kim Kun-woo, director of the Planning and Coordination Division of the university, praised the announcement. He stated that the world is “rapidly” changing to a blockchain and AI-based society due to the global best bitcoin exchange 2020

The announcement also says that several Daegu-based blockchain companies have agreed to provide training and work experience programs within the campus.

The university will implement user-friendly services that allow cohesion between university education and academic administration, hand in hand with experts in each field.